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LET L-610 regional airliner
with V 518 propeller

Warbird T-6 Texan with Avia Propeller
licensed propeller blues HS 6101A.

Fletcher FU-24 aurcraft
with AVIA V508D-AG propeller

AT-501 Air Tractor
with AVIA V510AG propeller


  Research and development, manufacturing, repair, overhaul and sales of all metal aircraft propellers for piston and turboprop engines up to 2000 HP, used on regional airline airplanes, agricultural, general aviation, sport and aerobatic airplanes


  Licensed blade and spinner manufacturing for propellers made by world famous U.S. company Hamilton Standard, for "Warbirds" like the P-51 Mustang, T-6 Texan etc.


 Reverse engineering and manufacturing of vintage aluminium propeller blades (Piaggio, Junkers, Fockewulf, Ratier Figeac, etc.).


  Certification of new products in the Czech Republic, USA, and many European, Asian, Australian, Central and South American countries



  World-wide export activities - into about 50 countries of five continents



  Sales and Service Centers in the USA, Canada, Venezuela,Germany



LET L-410 and 420 regional airliner
with V 510 propeller

Warbird P-51 Mustang with Avia Propeller
licensed propeller blades HS 6547A.

Water Bomber with Avia Propeller licensed
propeller blades HS 6903A.

PZL 106 BT Turbo Kruk
with V 508AG propeller

Grumman AgCAT
with AVIA V510AG propeller


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