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Zlin Z 142 with V 500A propeller


Approval Certificate No.: CZ.21G.0011 (277 kB PDF)
   Production Organization approved according
   to Part 21, SectionA, Subpart G for Production of Products, Parts and Appliances

Approval Certificate No.: CZ.145.0019 (776kB)
   Part-145 maintenance organization approveđ
   to maintain products and to issue related certificates of release to service

Approval Certificate No.: EASA.21J.072 (1.97 MB PDF)
   Design organization approved according to Part 21, Section A, Subpart J.

Certificate EN ISO 9001:2015 (897 kB PDF)
   Design, production and maintenance of aircraft propellers and propeller´s control systems.

* * *
  CAA CZ type certificates for 26 variable pitch propeller models and modifications
  FAA type certificates for 5 variable pitch propeller models
  22 other national type certificates for 12 variable pitch propeller models and modifications

V510 Propeller blades

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