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AVIA - Hamilton Standard Aviation Ltd. (1992 - 1999)


  Avia was founded in 1919 and produced aircrafts until 1960, aircraft engines until 1988 and propellers ever since the company's foundation.

The company Avia-Hamilton Standard Aviation Ltd. was founded in 1992 year, as a joint venture with foreign majority capital investment, created by joint forces of the important aviation firms. On the Czech part that were Avia.a.s., Walter a.s. and Aeronautical Research and Test Institute a.s. and on the foreign part the world-wide known producer of aircraft propellers and other major components - company UTC Hamilton Standard Division.

The new company inherited the tradition, experiences and trade mark of Avia a.s., one of the most important producers of the aviation technics in the central and Eastern Europe, founded in 1919 year and the same features from the company UTC Hamilton Standard, founded in 1918 year.

That connection is resulted into more than 150 years of combined engineering, research and development experiences in the field of the aircraft propellers guaranteeing goodwill and reliability to the products in world-wide scale.

The possibility to use the Hamilton Standard trade mark known in a great majority of the aviation population world-wide played an important role, especially for the "heritage" propeller blades manufactured by Company under license agreement.

Further ownership structure change was performed in the end of 1998. Mr. Gerd Muehlbauer, the owner of aircraft propeller manufacturing company MT PROPELLER Germany, replaced the Hamilton Standard company and became the majority shareholder. During the year 1999 the company name was changed to AVIA PROPELLER.

The new AVIA PROPELLER is strong and modern company able to deliver the highest quality products and to develop the most up to date aviation technologies.

AV-14 regional airliner equipped with V 50 propellers


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