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  • last update December 14, 2023
STC Viking Air DHC-3 Otter

STC - Data

  • Transport Canada STC: SA06-25 (issued April 10, 2006) [V508E/106]
    SA01-112 (issued November 26, 2001) [V510]

  • STC Holder:
  • Stolairus Aviation Inc.
  • 6095 Airport Way
  • Kelowna, British Columbia
  • Canada V1V 1S1

  • Applicable Aircraft: Viking Air DHC-3 Otter
  • Engines: Walter M601E-11 or GE H75-200
  • Propeller: V508E/106, V510

  • Advantages:
  • Our propellers bring you the unique solution of removable blades. Shipping and storage of such a propeller is much easier and cheaper compared to the fixed blade option.
  • Our blades are made of durable high quality aluminum alloy designed for propeller blades.
  • No propeller ADs
  • TBO 3500 hours (V510 propeller) or 6 years, whatever comes first, for low maintenance costs
  • No intermediate inspections are needed between the TBO which requires the propeller removal
  • Reduced cost for spare parts, like blades and lower overhaul costs, for the complete propeller assembly
  • No rpm restriction for the complete operational range